we are highly dedicated to providing natural and posh body treatment

We act fairly and honestly

The Salon Studio is a day spa like no other day spa. Where else can you enjoy luxury day spa packages: massage and beauty treatments including facial, manicure and pedicure salons, waxing and skin care, spray tanning and body treatments using the best quality beauty products?

Salon Studio Culture

We are committed to a result oriented culture and we place customers at the centre of all our activities and hold ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise.
We act fairly and honestly. We believe in ethics and transparency in our dealings with all stake holders.

Salon Studio Success

We always strive to be the best in our business and possess a will to set bench marks. We live by professionalism and our virtue is the ultimate dedication of our staff.


Salon Studio Innovation

Our employees are encouraged to use their creativity to successfully meet challenges. We feel that great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization and we actively solicit our employees to participate in the development of products and services to meet customer requirements.

why choose us

Our spa environment helps to put you in the right mood. Colour plays a big part in creating a world of expression. Right combination of colours will refresh you and relax your mind, body and soul.

A Beautiful and relaxing home salon experience...

We sincerely enjoy what we do and it is reflected in the loyalty of our more than a hundred clients. Let yourself have a salon services at home because you deserve it! Take a peaceful pause in your busy day, contact us now and be treated like you are one of the kings and queens.

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