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Skin Therapy Services

A healthy skin care routine will keep us looking and feeling our best. Salon Studio offers a full range of aesthetic services. Whether you have serious skin concerns or just want to be pampered, we have a facial treatment for you. Our facials range from a thirty minute results oriented facial to a ninety minute session in heaven. We use high quality IMAGE skin care products whose company asks "Why age now, when you can age later?"
Skin care services from Salon Studio are refreshing, enjoyable, and a therapeutically beneficial experience. Specialized treatments include microdermabrasion, advanced facials, microcurrent LED, and waxing hair removal. Facials are customized using quality professional products that contain botanicals and marine extracts.
Any of our skin care services can be combined with Salon Studio spa body treatments or massage therapies to provide the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Purify Your Being Skin

Stimulate glandular activity with infiltration therapy, which incorporates high-frequency electronics that emit ultraviolet rays. This, in turn, can increase the circulation of blood, create germicidal action, increase metabolism, and help the amazing skin care products on your skin penetrate deeper into the many layers of your epidermis.


Revitalize your skin appearance

The Salon Studio we provide are not the fluff and buff facials you’ll find at most spas-they are purely results driven! You’ll get instant results from just one of our treatments without the crazy price! Our treatments will get it done-from clearing to smoothing,

A Beautiful and relaxing home salon experience...

We sincerely enjoy what we do and it is reflected in the loyalty of our more than a hundred clients. Let yourself have a salon services at home because you deserve it! Take a peaceful pause in your busy day, contact us now and be treated like you are one of the kings and queens.

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